Suburban Mutilation

Green Bay, WI

RIYL: The Freeze, Ill Repute, Void, Dicks, Poison Idea, Die Kreuzen & Husker Du

Suburban Mutilation existed from 1981-1985 and was a early 80’s / first wave hardcore band. The band was fronted by Rev. Norb who would go on to be famous for his band Boris the Sprinkler as well as his writings, first in MRR and presently in Razorcake. Suburban Mutilation shared the stage with many local and national acts such as Dead Kennedys, Die Kreuzen, Depro Provera, Husker Du, Sacred Order, The Clitboys, Mecht Mensch, Tense Experts, Verbal Abuse and many more.

Besides releasing demos and ‘The Opera Ain’t Over Till the Fat Lady Sings!’ the band was featured on many classical early – mid 80’s sought after hardcore comps such as Charred Remains, Barricaded Suspects, America’s Dairyland, Birth Defect, Code Blue and more. After playing many shows, traveling to many places and putting out some excellent demos and their LP; in 1985 the band would call it a day when one member decided to join the navy.

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