The Boneless Ones


The Boneless Ones formed in 1984, inspired by the Thrasher Skate Rock tapes (That had just been released) and driven by many skate related bands of the time ; Big Boys, JFA and of course, Code of Honor. We found eager audiences across California that were receptive of our live performances.

After a couple of early member changes, the band found their core members that would go on to record ‘Skate for the Devil’. Previous to its release, the band was featured on two different compilations. The infamous ‘Them Boners be Poppin’ with many bands from the Boner records roster. Then Thrasher skaterock #3. We found ourselves on the very series of recordings that had inspired the band in the first place. Soon after, Boner records released ‘Skate for the Devil’ our first, and only full length release. We toured in support with the Circle Jerks and DRI in 1986. Many positive reviews and interviews followed including Playboy , Cream & Thrasher just to name a few. We played on successfully until our break up in 1987. Since then tracks from the release have been used on soundtracks, including ‘The Bounty Hunter’ & ‘The Wimpy Kid” part one, two & three.

We have reformed as of 2019, and are excited to have the album rereleased. We look forward to more live shows and have plans to release more material in 2020. Please keep a look out for the us. We appreciate the support from all the fans around the world, and would like to thank them all for support for the last 35 years!!


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