The Motherfuckers

Milwaukee, WI

RIYL: M.D.C., The Unseen, Dwarves, Subhumans, Guttermouth, Fear & Leftover Crack

The Motherfuckers started in 1992. The goal was simple. To play fast and furious hardcore with a bit of metal thrown in for good measure. Play as many shows as possible and go to as many places as they could.

After many years, a few tours, a few self released cassettes , a 7″ on Beer City the band called it quits due to drugs, alcohol and jail time. Some time after that Beer City released a full length called ‘Were Fucked’ that had the original 7″ plus 9 songs that were recorded , but never released.

The talks of a reunion were taking place , but were squashed in 2008 when Booger El Roacho ( singer of the band) passed away.

If you ever got to see this band you know why they are considered legendary. The music was fast and furious. Tim Yo of MRR compared these guys to early MDC. With such talented band members these guys were a lot more then hardcore. They mixed punk and metal along with many other influences like no others could.

If you ever saw them play you know the intensity of most of their live shows. Bottles were broken. Many times objects were brought that could be smashed on the stage. The singer often got naked and at times his ex-wife would blow him right on stage as he sang one of the bands songs ‘suck my dick’. The mic was the singers leash and on the rare occasion he got to use a cordless mic watch out! He would not hesitate to run through the crowd across the bar or wherever. People would get knocked over. Drinks and bottles of beer would go flying. It was all around chaos! All in all this band was quit an adventure both on stage and off.

There are plans for Beer City to release a Motherfuckers box set someday. It will be complete with DVD and the bands entire recordings. Until that time the ‘Were Fucked’ full length is available both in LP and digital format.

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