"No Retreat" CD / LP

This one was a long time coming. 10-96 had started back in 83 , but didn’t really record except for a few comps back in the 80’s. They were happy to play out and tour around the country making new friends and having adventures.Then 93 came and all that changed. First they did a split 7″ with Bitty from Deathwish’s band at the time Standoff . Then latter that year we put out a  7″ called Gas Bag for them. After the 7″ we all decided it was time to do a full length.

Here it is. 36 songs in around 32 minutes of blazing hardcore and punk plus a surprise or two. These songs like their shows were very intense and represent true hardcore and the underground spirit that was 10-96. Songs about life and its perils told like it is . In your face , upfront and honest.No sugar coating here. When this first came out Thrashead from Flipside even called this the best album of the year!

This would be the second full length we put out. As well as the first full colored cover ever on Beer City. That cover was drawn by a local Kenosha Wi native Scott Jackson ; who did the covers for ‘Rock N Roll’ comics! This was also recorded at Smart Studios by Mike Zirkel.


  • Music Style: early 80's hardcore / punk
  • Available Formats: 12 inch, digital, CD
  • Release Date: 1995
  • Scribe #: BCR020-1/2
  • Barcode: CD 650557002127 LP 650557002110
  • Vinyl Color: black
  • Pressing Qty.: 1000
  1. Intensation
  2. Mental Chant
  3. Bullshit
  4. Money
  5. Rag
  6. Pig's Law
  7. Fucked Up
  8. Filth
  9. '89 Tour
  10. Desert Scam
  11. Wankers
  12. Dred Song
  13. Wake Up
  14. Pub Song
  15. Get Along
  16. Inspector Clueseau
  17. Police Assisted Suicide
  18. Old School
  19. Dead Leathers
  20. Diplomat
  21. You're Wrong
  22. Teenage Sluts
  23. Gotcha Goin'
  24. Why
  25. Friendship
  26. Get A Job
  27. Isn't Life Crazy
  28. Chrysler
  29. Trust
  30. Fuck You
  31. Banned From The Pub (Live)