Booze and Braces' 7"

This band consisted of 3 giants and one normal sized man. They played a good blend of hardcore and punk and played out a lot and toured on a regular basis. Including a gig at ‘Spiderfest’ in Canada were we first saw them.Their hometown was Vestal,NY.

  • Music Style: 80's hardcore/ punk
  • Available Formats: 7 inch
  • Release Date: 1997
  • Scribe #: BCR060-7
  • Barcode: 650557006071
  • Vinyl Color: black
  • Pressing Qty.: 1000
  1. 1A.No Such Thing
  2. 2A. Pile of Disillisionment
  3. 2B. Why all the Fuss?
  4. 3B. What the Phuck?!?