Active Ingrediants

"Everything Sucks" CASS / CD

After putting out two 7″s for this band this full length came out. This is twelve songs of fast, intense yet melodic skate rock.Perfectly combing the sound of Southern California (after all these guys were from Bakersfield)  HXC/punk. Some would compare it to NOFX. Others would say this is Nardcore. Doesn’t really matter how you label it cause its really good! If the Thrasher Skaterock comps were still going when this came out they would defiantly had been on it.

This was recorded by Mike Zirkel at Smart Studios

Of all the releases we have put out this would be one of two that came out on cassette.



  • Music Style: skate rock
  • Available Formats: digital, cassette, CD
  • Release Date: 1996
  • Scribe #: BCR037-2/4
  • Barcode: CASS 650557003742 / CD 650557003728
  1. Dinosaur Fuelay
  2. Average Girl
  3. Hey!
  4. 3 For 5
  5. No Recognition
  6. Twenty
  7. Everything Sucks
  8. Tom's Plant
  9. The Mint
  10. I Believe You
  11. Free Again
  12. Message From Fat Mike