Final Bedlam - Millennium Edition LP

BEER CITY SKATEBOARDS AND RECORDS is proud to present to you another fine must have US early 80’s hardcore reissue collection in all its chaos , glory and destruction. BEDLAM – Final Bedlam – Millennium Edition ! Fully restored and remastered ; including never before heard or released bonus tracks!

Crack a beer . Light a joint and throw this slab on your turn table! BEDLAM ; one of NJ’s finest brings us 28 tracks of early 80’s hardcore that were recorded from 1984-1986. They bring all the speed , aggression and insanity that you would expect from a band like this! First off are the tracks from the Bedlam 12” . Next all the songs from the ‘Lost in Space 12”’ . Then to top it off we have 7 tracks that were unreleased and would have been included on the bands third album if they had lasted that long. Including one were a member of the band was kicked out! All of the tracks are restored and remastered for maximum impact and ear bleeding pleasure. Also included are extensive liners notes and band history. As well as a tribute to late BEDLAM guitarist Stephen Gawryluk! A Must have for anyone who likes early 80’s hardcore. Of coarse a must have for any collector!

So if you want to experience early 80’s hardcore that will have you bloodier then Mad Dog Vachon ;head on down to your local record store and buy this!

First 1000 copies come on transparent red vinyl

  • Music Style: early 80's hardcore / punk
  • Available Formats: LP
  • Release Date: November 12th 2021
  • Scribe #: BCR232-1
  • Barcode: 650557023214
  • Vinyl Color: transparent red
  • Pressing Qty.: 1000
  1. New Jersey Chemical Dump State
  2. No Regrets
  3. Hated You Then Hate You Now
  4. Military Attitude
  5. Flintstones
  6. Anorexia (A-Go-Go)
  7. Unemployment Club
  8. Buddyfucker
  9. Burnin' Love
  10. Dioxin
  11. (Total) Bedlam
  12. Flintstones II
  13. Lost In Space
  14. Monogoofy
  15. Burn One
  16. Knife In My Back
  17. Rotting From The Inside Out
  18. Cutback
  19. Generation Landslide
  20. My Fun Begins When Your Fun Ends
  21. Walking in Grandpa’s Dead Shoes
  22. Boss Fuckin’ Nova
  23. Death By Lethal Injection
  24. Negative Chant
  25. Ballad of a White Trash Neighborhood
  26. More Bad News in a Minute
  27. T’s Out of the band! (Death By Lethal Injection)