Cancerous Growth

Cancer Causing Agents CD/DVD

There are many ‘hardcore’ bands in the early to mid 80’s that were well known because of their politics ; stage show or personalities offstage. Then there were bands that just were out there to play hard, fast intense ‘hardcore’ and knock you off your feet by the sheer power of their music and have a blast at it. This would be Massachusetts’ CANCEROUS GROWTH.

Starting out by playing hast ‘hardcore’ and gradually getting even faster and more thrash as time went on. They put out their first LP Late for the Grave on ‘Ax/ction Records’ (A label run by the drummer ‘Charlie Infection’ ; who also played in PSYCHO and then followed it up with a second one entitled ‘hmmlmmlum…’ as well as two 7”s, Today’s Society and Live at Last. As well as appearing on We Got Power Part 2 & 3 and Welcome to AX/CTION Island compilations. CANCEROUS GROWTH even attracted the attention of the then newly-formed Nuclear Blast Records who did German versions of CANCEROUS GROWTH’s first two LP’s complete with bonus tracks!

Now Beer City Skateboards and Records is proud to bring you CANCEROUS GROWTH – Cancer Causing Agents ; A Cancerous Growth Discography! A limited edition reissue of 2000 for RSD 2014; completely remastered discography of this phenomenal yet humble early- mid 80’s hardcore/Thrash Metal band. This discography contains both LP’s, 7”s as well as all compilation appearances and bonus tracks that were only on the German versions of its LPs. Not only does it come with a CD filled with 46 tracks that are just under 80 minutes of music. Also included is a DVD that showcases the bands history in four different sets. This release comes in a DVD style packaging complete with a huge booklet that contains lyrics, photos, flyers and special introduction by the bands friend and ‘Scene Master’ Mike Gitter!

So head on down to your local record store and get CANCEROUS GROWTH – Cancer Causing Agents ; A Cancerous Growth Discography! CD+DVD. It’s the only kind of cancer that you want to have!

  • Music Style: Early 80's hardcore/punk / thrash
  • Available Formats: CD, DVD
  • Release Date: RSD 2014
  • Scribe #: BCR152-9
  • Barcode: 650557015295
  • Pressing Qty.: 2000
  1. Greed (Hmmlmmlum... LP)
  2. One Side (Hmmlmmlum... LP)
  3. What Can You Do? (Hmmlmmlum... LP)
  4. Mongoloid (Hmmlmmlum... LP)
  5. Late for the Grave (live) (Hmmlmmlum... LP)
  6. Youth of When (Hmmlmmlum... LP)
  7. Prey on the Weak (Hmmlmmlum... LP)
  8. Black Doomy Theme (Hmmlmmlum... LP)
  9. Satan’s Stupid (Hmmlmmlum... LP)
  10. Delusionary Tactics (Hmmlmmlum... LP)
  11. hmmlmmlum… (Hmmlmmlum... LP)
  12. No Chance (Late for the Grave LP)
  13. Decide (Late for the Grave LP
  14. Be Yourself (Late for the Grave LP
  15. Number (Late for the Grave LP
  16. Something I Don’t Need (Late for the Grave LP
  17. The Choice is Yours (Late for the Grave LP
  18. Revolution (Late for the Grave LP
  19. Programmed (Late for the Grave LP
  20. Do You Believe (Late for the Grave LP
  21. Over Bored (Late for the Grave LP
  22. Had Enough (Late for the Grave LP
  23. Branded (Today’s Society 7”)
  24. Ecology (Today’s Society 7”
  25. Demon + Goddess (Today’s Society 7”
  26. Today’s Society (Today’s Society 7”
  27. Late for the Grave (Today’s Society 7”
  28. Girlfriends (Live at Last 7”)
  29. Decided (Live at Last 7”)
  30. Something I Don’t Need (Live at Last 7”)
  31. Corporation Vegetable (We got Power Part 2 compilation)
  32. Keep my Peace (We got Power Part 3 compilation)
  33. Delusionary Tactics (Welcome to AX/CTION Island compilation)
  34. Diabolical FX (Hmmlmmlumm German Bonus Tracks)
  35. 24 Thousand Dollars (Hmmlmmlumm German Bonus Tracks)
  36. Girlfriends (Hmmlmmlumm German Bonus Tracks)
  37. Von Scenester (Hmmlmmlumm German Bonus Tracks)
  38. Stupid People (Hmmlmmlumm German Bonus Tracks)
  39. What Can You Do? (Late for the Grave German bonus tracks)
  40. Keep my Peace (Late for the Grave German bonus tracks)
  41. Kill Reagan Right (original demo tape)
  42. Heart Failure (original demo tape)
  43. Kill Ozzy (original demo tape)
  44. Brainwashed (original demo tape)
  45. A Public Service Announcement (original demo tape)