Rock N Rolls One Hell of a Drug 2xLP

“DEATHWISH channel all the right bands (ZEKE, DISFEAR, MOTÖRHEAD, POISON IDEA, G.B.H. and RAW POWER) in all the right ways and serve up a thrashy hardcore classic that’s 100% about sonic energy… This is an album to destroy to, to self-destruct to, to get fucking drunk and rage to.” – Adem Tepedelen – Decibel

Hailing from the brutal frozen wasteland of northern Wisconsin , DEATHWISH is an ass kicking, fierce motorcharged rock n roll punk band that annihilates everything in its path. Think of an even more brutal and aggressive MOTORHEAD and you have DEATHWISH.

DEATHWISH’s ; ass kicking fierce motocharged rock n roll punk destruction and mayhem continues with this double gatefold LP ! It contains both Deathwish albums to date Out For Blood and Unleash Hell. In a brand new special packaging limited to 666 copies! Which also includes a download card for the entire 2xLP!

This release is set to come out to concur with Deathwish’s tour with the legendary D.R.I.! Besides touring regularly with D.R.I. Deathwish has toured with other legends such as Raw Power and M.D.C. Been all over the USA numerous times as well as Europe. By the time this record comes out they will have completed a tour of Japan!

So make sure to reserve your copy of this 2XLP before its only available on eBay for huge $!”

  • Music Style: Motorcharged rock n roll, hardcore/punk , thrash"
  • Available Formats: 12 inch
  • Release Date: November 9th 2018
  • Scribe #: BCR206-1
  • Barcode: 650557020619
  • Vinyl Color: white / black
  • Pressing Qty.: 666
  1. Population Zero - Out For Blood
  2. Deathwish - Out For Blood
  3. Out For Blood - Out For Blood
  4. Six Bullet Roulette - Out For Blood
  5. Balance of Power - Out For Blood
  6. As the Fire Rises - Out For Blood
  7. Flatline - Out For Blood
  8. Cold Day in Hell - Out For Blood
  9. Unholy Bastards - Out For Blood
  10. Unleash Hell - Unleash Hell
  11. There Will Be Blood - Unleash Hell
  12. Watch You Burn - Unleash Hell
  13. Live Fast Live Forever - Unleash Hell
  14. God Has No Mercy - Unleash Hell
  15. Destroyer at 2AM - Unleash Hell
  16. Baptized in Fire - Unleash Hell
  17. False Gods - Unleash Hell