Disrupt Youth

"Lookin' for Answers" CD

We had already put out two 7″s for these guys from down under. So when they had written new songs it was no brainier that we were going to release them to. This time around though the songs were faster and more straight up thrash. Which we had no problem with.

So besides having these new songs we were just about out of both 7″s. So we added the songs from both singles. Creating a discography of what we had put out for them.You get 18 tracks that go from fast abrasive punk to straight up thrash.

While the band stayed together for some time after this came out this would end up being their last release.


  • Music Style: Thrash/hardcore/punk
  • Available Formats: digital, CD
  • Release Date: 2000
  • Scribe #: BCR112-2
  • Barcode: 650557011228
  • Pressing Qty.: 1000
  1. Slime - Lookin' for Answers CD
  2. By The Book - Lookin' for Answers CD
  3. 524 - Lookin' for Answers CD
  4. Bouncer Quest - Lookin' for Answers CD
  5. Bachelor Pad - Lookin' for Answers CD
  6. Lookin' Back - Lookin' for Answers CD
  7. Adjusting To The Lifestyle - Lookin' for Answers CD
  8. Scared To Death - Lookin' for Answers CD
  9. Ginger Wine - Lookin' for Answers CD
  10. Patron Care - Will Not Be Served 7"
  11. Macho Weekend - Will Not Be Served 7"
  12. Disillusioned - Will Not Be Served 7"
  13. 49 Dollars - Will Not Be Served 7"
  14. Force Fed War - OJ 7"
  15. Run Away - OJ 7"
  16. Dole Que - OJ 7"
  17. OJ - OJ 7"