"Clever, but Not Funny" CASS / CD

Our experience with Lunkhead begins in the summer of 91 when we saw Lunkhead play. Not only was Lunkhead fast and melodic they also were hilarious and all kinds of crazy stuff went on at that show. That winter we would head to Chicago to see them play with Screeching Weasel. That show was a blast to. Two years went by without hearing much about Lunkhead then at Rotation Station skatepark in Rockford, IL we ran into them. We found out they still were around and played out. Since we were just starting Beer City we offered to put a 7” out for them. They excepted and become the first record Beer City ever did. (Not to mention the first record they ever recorded!)

After the 7” came out and they toured Lunkhead proposed a split 7” between them and fellow Chicago area band No Empathy. We accepted and once again a great 7” was done and sold out.

About a year and a half latter Lunkhead and us thought a full length was in order. So Lunkhead got to work and recorded nine incredible songs. So we took those songs and all the songs off both their previous 7”s we released and put it all on this CD. You get a total of 15 songs and a history of Lunkhead that will have you dancing all over the house and laughing at the same time.

This would be the second and last cassette Beer City put out. It was mainly for promotional purposes , but was available through our mailorder as well.

  • Music Style: pop punk
  • Available Formats: digital, cassette, CD
  • Barcode: CASS 650557002844 / CD 650557002820
  • Pressing Qty.: 1000
  1. Morticia - Clever, But Not Funny CD
  2. Nugget - Clever, But Not Funny CD
  3. Again Today - Clever, But Not Funny CD
  4. Googoo For Lulu - Clever, But Not Funny CD
  5. Asshole - Clever, But Not Funny CD
  6. Chuckles - Clever, But Not Funny CD
  7. High Time - Clever, But Not Funny CD
  8. Time Bomb - Clever, But Not Funny CD
  9. Laughing At Your Mistakes – Lunkhead / No Empathy split 7"
  10. Femm Fatale – Lunkhead / No Empathy split 7"
  11. Inspiration Point - Polly Wolly Crappy EP
  12. Candy - Polly Wolly Crappy EP
  13. Truth - Polly Wolly Crappy EP
  14. Sausage Party - Polly Wolly Crappy EP