Opressed Logic

It's Harrassment LP

Back once again for their 2nd full length release and 4th release on Beer City. Oppressed Logic brings us 17 songs of early 80’s sarcastic shit talking punk from this notorious bay area band. Know for speaking their minds and not caring what others think or say. This new LP features a brand new line up backing original vocalist Cyco Logic Loco. This release is by far Oppressed Logic’s best yet! Not only is the music spectacular but the packaging rules as well. The record even comes on purple vinyl the same purple vinyl that was used for a anniversary edition of  Prince’s – Purple Rain LP!

  • Music Style: hardcore/punk
  • Available Formats: 12 inch, digital
  • Release Date: 2001
  • Scribe #: BCR110-1
  • Barcode: 650557011013
  • Vinyl Color: purple
  • Pressing Qty.: 1000
  1. This Is Reality
  2. Harassment
  3. Don't Come Back
  4. You're Doing It Wrong
  5. Living Abortion
  6. Welcome To The Bay
  7. P.C. Full of Shit!
  8. Void of Society
  9. Bomb Iraq
  10. Doing Time
  11. Theif
  12. My Life's A Fucking Mess
  13. No Pride
  14. Exploitation
  15. Fuck What You Heard (Bonus Track - digital only)
  16. Price For Freedom (Bonus Track - digital only)
  17. Book And It's Cover (Bonus Track - digital only)
  18. Putting Us Down (Bonus Track - digital only)