Raw Power

'The Reagan Years' DVD/ 2xCD Box Set

Now you can experience all the ‘essential’ 80’s material from this legendary Italian hardcore thrash/metal band in one remastered box set. This set includes 2 CD’s with all 4 full lengths ‘Raw Power’ released in the 80’s (‘Screams From the Gutter’, ‘After Your Brain’, ‘Mine To Kill’ and ‘You Are the Victim’) as well as the ‘Wop Hour 7″ and a track from a MRR comp for a total of 63 tracks!

The DVD has two full shows Raw Power did in the 80’s while on a US tour. Plus some cool DVD extras! Also included is a full DVD sized lyric book with liner notes by Mauro ‘singer’ and co founder of ‘Raw Power’.

We even got legendary artist Vince ‘Rancid’ Packard. (Who drew the covers for ‘Screams From the Gutter’ and ‘After Your Brain’ back in the 80’s.) To paint the cover for this box set!

So you get 63 tracks on CD, two full shows on DVD as well as DVD extras and a sick lyric book with linner notes! ‘Raw Power Will Never DIe!

  • Music Style: thrash/metal, Hardcore/Punk
  • Available Formats: DVD/2xCD
  • Release Date: 2010
  • Scribe #: BCR135-8
  • Barcode: 650557013598
  • Pressing Qty.: 2,000
  1. Joe's the Best ('Screams From the Gutter')
  2. Bastard ('Screams From the Gutter')
  3. A Certain Kind of Killer ('Screams From the Gutter')
  4. Army ('Screams From the Gutter')
  5. No Card ('Screams From the Gutter')
  6. Power ('Screams From the Gutter')
  7. Start a Fight ('Screams From the Gutter')
  8. Don't Let Me See It ('Screams From the Gutter')
  9. Hate ('Screams From the Gutter')
  10. Raw Power ('Screams From the Gutter')
  11. Our Oppression ('Screams From the Gutter')
  12. We're All Gonna Die ('Screams From the Gutter')
  13. Police, Police ('Screams From the Gutter')
  14. Nihilist ('Screams From the Gutter')
  15. Politicians ('Screams From the Gutter')
  16. You Are Fired ('After Your Brain')
  17. Dreamer ('After Your Brain')
  18. We Shall Overcome ('After Your Brain')
  19. Is There Anything You Like ('After Your Brain')
  20. Just Another Cry ('After Your Brain')
  21. What Have We Done ('After Your Brain')
  22. After Your Brain ('After Your Brain')
  23. Nothing Better to Do ('After Your Brain')
  24. Keep Out ('After Your Brain')
  25. No Place to Hide ('After Your Brain')
  26. What For ('After Your Brain')
  27. You Want More ('Mine To Kill')
  28. Wasteland ('Mine To Kill')
  29. Make or Break ('Mine To Kill')
  30. What Was ('Mine To Kill')
  31. Buried Alive ('Mine To Kill')
  32. You are the Victim ('Mine To Kill')
  33. Mine to Kill ('Mine To Kill')
  34. Revenge ('Mine To Kill')
  35. The White Man's Invasion ('Mine To Kill')
  36. Power Not Violence ('Mine To Kill')
  37. Raw Power 12 ('Mine To Kill')
  38. Inside Me ('Mine To Kill')
  39. Zaff ('Mine To Kill')
  40. Politicians ('You Are the Victim')
  41. Police Police ('You Are the Victim')
  42. Corrosive Water ('You Are the Victim')
  43. Raw Power ('You Are the Victim')
  44. Burning Factory ('You Are the Victim')
  45. Hate ('You Are the Victim')
  46. State Oppression ('You Are the Victim')
  47. Don't Let Me See It ('You Are the Victim')
  48. You are the Victim ('You Are the Victim')
  49. Repression ('You Are the Victim')
  50. No Card ('You Are the Victim')
  51. Death Seller ('You Are the Victim')
  52. Power ('You Are the Victim')
  53. Nihilist ('You Are the Victim')
  54. I Do What I Like ('Wop Hour 7")
  55. You are the Victim ('Wop Hour 7")
  56. Factory ('Wop Hour 7")
  57. Destroy ('Wop Hour 7")
  58. Fuck Authority ('Welcome to 1984' M.R.R. comp)