Sacred Order

"International House of Death" CD

This is the legendary Milwaukee band from the early 80’s that played uncensored raw hardcore/punk. The tracks on here are off self released cassette tapes from the early 80’s as well as the tracks from the ‘Return of the Paranoids’ 7″that we put out in 1996.  Kinda a best of if you will. These guys played a lot of shows and went through a few lineup changes with founding members Michael and Beezer being in the band from start to finish. This CD was self made by the band when they did some reunion shows in the early 2000’s. They asked us to handle the digital for them.


  • Music Style: Early 80's hardcore/punk / thrash
  • Available Formats: digital
  • Release Date: 2009
  • Scribe #: BCR149-2
  • Barcode: 650557014922
  1. Icky Bitch
  2. Erik Estrada
  3. Bongs
  4. She Kills Me
  5. I'm Busy Dying
  6. Slam The Nation
  7. You Bastards
  8. Poor And Radical
  9. International House Of Death
  10. Saturation Bombing
  11. Funky Mr. Penis
  12. 3 Testes
  13. Pile Of Hell
  14. I Love Alice Cooper
  15. She Kills Me (Live 1984)
  16. Slam The Nation (Return Of The Paranoids 7" 1996)
  17. International House Of Death (Return Of The Paranoids 7" 1996)
  18. I Love Alice Cooper (Return Of The Paranoids 7" 1996)
  19. Pile Of Hell (Return Of The Paranoids 7" 1996)