The Crusties

"Crustunes / In Yuk Park" CD

THE CRUSTIES are a legendary, extremely tight, early/mid 80’s, Milwaukee WI based band known for playing fast aggressive hardcore.

Every time they played, it was obvious these guys were having a blast, but they took their craft very seriously. Practicing several times a week was not uncommon for these guys. Neither was their singers propensity for blowing giant balls of fire out of his mouth at shows!

From 1984 until 1987 THE CRUSTIES played numerous local shows , as well as many neighboring states. They even got a few tours under their belts, traveling the Midwest and Southern United States. They opened for legendary bands like THE CIRCLE JERKS, MEAT PUPPETS, HUSKER DU, SAMHAIN, MDC, SUICIDAL TENDENCIES, along with MOTORHEAD and THE BODEANS. After THE CRUSTIES opened up for THE DEAD KENNEDY’S, Jello Biafra remarked how THE CRUSTIES were a breath of fresh air, when compared to what they had seen on the road that year. In 1987, with their singer moving to Austin TX, THE CRUSTIES went on hiatus. They managed to get together at least once a year, to play shows when their singer would come back to visit. So they never really broke up.

On this CD is the Crusties first full length ‘Crustunes ‘ as well as ‘In Yuk Park’ which was basically their demo. Both originally released on cassette back in the 80’s. As a bonus the CD ends with two bonus tracks that were recorded back in 96 or so right before this CD came out.

When this CD came out it was whole heatedly welcomed by  fans. Yuk Park had been hard enough to get when it came out never mind by the time this came out in 97. Also many people’s copies of Crustunes had been worn out from being played so much. So people were finally able to listen to this again without being afraid of destroying their tape.

  • Music Style: early 80's hardcore / punk
  • Available Formats: digital, CD
  • Release Date: 1997
  • Scribe #: BCR094-2
  • Barcode: 650557009423
  • Pressing Qty.: 1000
  1. Wasteful Goodbye
  2. Raped Eyes
  3. Don't You Think
  4. Horton Hears A Who
  5. Your Own Words
  6. Chainsaw Horror
  7. Blood From A Skull Cap
  8. Knock 2x
  9. Ratz
  10. Dairyland Youth
  11. Little Fish, Big Pond
  12. K-9 Cadaver / Final Regret
  13. This Planet For Rent
  14. Sloppy Seconds
  15. Whiney Baby Buttwipe
  16. Don't You Think (Yuk Park)
  17. Final Regret (Yuk Park)
  18. Ratz (Yuk Park)
  19. Buried Away (Yuk Park)
  20. Knock 2x (Yuk Park)
  21. Whiney Baby Buttwipe (Yuk Park)
  22. Dairyland Youth (Yuk Park)
  23. Hammer Down (Bonus Track)
  24. Up Through The Pipes (Bonus Track)