Very Metal

"Life's Too Short" CD

Back in 96 we put out a 7″ for this band. After a few years Pat the guitarist was the only original member left. He changed the direction of the band then. They went from being a fast , sloppy chaotic band to a sometimes fast, sometimes slow hardcore punk band with rock overtones. Needless to say they kicked ass.

We included a track by them on our ‘Black Eyes and Broken Bottles’ comp (Which had all new members expect Josh was still on vocals). After that Pat stayed in touch with us. One day he asked us if we could arrange time for them to record a full length. So we called up Bill at ‘Walls Have Ears’ here in Milwaukee and set up a weekend for the band to come and record.

In one weekend Very Metal would not only record , but they would mix and master this full length as well. Sometimes just going in and doing it and not spending a lot of time results in an awesome record. This certainly was one of those times. So we agreed to put this out.

We had Tom Kline do the art and layout and shortly after the CD came out. This would not be the last release or time we worked with Very Metal. In fact it was just the start of a whole new chapter.

  • Music Style: 80's hardcore/punk/UK punk and rock
  • Available Formats: digital, CD
  • Release Date: 2000
  • Scribe #: BCR117-2
  • Barcode: 65055701172
  • Pressing Qty.: 1000
  1. Who Dares To Win
  2. Not Again
  3. Nightmare
  4. Young Buck
  5. Solider of Fortune
  6. Looking Down the Barrel
  7. Search and Seizure
  8. Witch Hunt
  9. Red
  10. Fucking Lie
  11. Life's Too Short