“A.O.D. were always a favorite. We would go see them at places like CBGB and Get Hyped. They were very inspirational to both Anthrax and S.O.D. I love their music, their lyrics, and their whole vibe! The way ‘A.O.D. vs Godzilla’ starts off… ‘til this day it makes me move. WHEW!” – Charlie Benante, Anthrax/S.O.D.

“Adrenalin O.D. were the Circle Jerks of the East Coast, skewering the sheer dumbass-itude of what Trans-Am Joyzee thought was “normal” – and in way sharper ways than “Jersey Shore” could ever hope for. Admit it, City Gardens World, A.O.D. were the antidote for whatever you held dear; and you love ‘em for it to this day.” – Jello Biafra

“A.O.D. was a staple for me. I had all their cassettes in regular rotation out on my half pipe. They played harder and faster, which made me skate the same. They were also a big inspiration musically – for one they taught me that aggressive music can still be irreverent and even funny at times. They always felt familiar even though I didn’t know them back then. Maybe it’s a Jersey thing.” – Bryan Keinlen, Bouncing Souls

“In the late ‘80s we were listening to records in Ben Weasel’s room. He put on the record ‘Humongousfungusamongus’. After the first song I said, “Holy fudge!” I didn’t swear back then. “Who is this?” And he said, “Adrenalin O.D.” From that point on there was no turning back.” – John Jughead, Screeching Weasel

Adrenalin O.D. (aka A.O.D.) were a popular and influential New Jersey hardcore punk band that existed from 1981-1990. Their punk roots go back to late 70’s bands The Executives and The East Paterson Boys Choir. Adrenalin O.D. are credited as the band that spring boarded the New Jersey Hardcore scene of the 80’s. Their first recordings saw release on the widely distributed and now legendary NY Thrash compilation on ROIR cassettes. The influential compilation documented some of the first generation of New York Hardcore, and also featured the Beastie Boys, Kraut and Bad Brains.

In 1983 they self-released their debut, a six song ep titled “Let’s Barbeque with Adrenalin O.D.” The record was recorded in 15 minutes because of the bands tight budget. Let’s Barbeque quickly sold out of both pressings and would become a much sought after collector’s item. “Let’s Barbeque” would also mark the birth of their record label BUY OUR RECORDS which would go on to be one of New Jersey’s most successful punk indie labels.

In 1984 they released their first full length album “The Wacky Hijinks of Adrenalin O.D.” to critical acclaim. The record showcased the band’s use of blazing speed-punk, melody, and sarcastic lyrics, taking aim at the suburban experience with songs like “Trans Am” (the inspiration for the Dead Milkmen’s “Bitchin’ Camaro”), and the crowd favorite “Rock n’ Roll Gas Station”. The influential record to this day still lists among the top 100 punk albums of all times.

A.O.D. would than begin a vigorous tour schedule that would bring their full throttle live shows to the rest of the country. What set A.O.D. apart from the other hardcore punk bands of the Reagan era was their emphasis on having fun. As Jersey Beat Magazine editor Jim Testa put it… “Adrenalin O.D. rewrote the book on hardcore. They were faster than anybody and they were funny. They were the funniest rock and roll band since the Dictators. Adrenalin O.D. could stop your heart with sheer intensity and speed and have you bust a gut laughing all under 90 seconds”. Their live shows became a thing of legend as the four members played off each other, and the audience making each live show as much of an improv comedy event as a mosh fest. A.O.D. concerts have been described as a cross between Minor Threat and Don Rickles.

Their second album, 1986’s “Humungousfungusamongus”, was a classic mix of metal-tinged speed-core, punk and humor, and established A.O.D. as one of the pioneers of the metal punk crossover scene. After refusing many big offers from most of the big metal labels, staying true to their “punk convictions”, they merged their thrash with a more 70’s influenced punk rock n’roll sound for 1988’s “Cruising With Elvis In Bigfoots UFO”. The Daniel Rey (Ramones, Misfits, Iggy Pop) produced album combined A.O.D.’s hyper punk edge and hysterical lyrics and Cheap Trick pop sensibilities. The record would predate the post Green Day pop punk explosion by six years.

By the later part of the 80’s with most of their contemporaries gone, A.O.D. decided to call it quits. Before they were gone they would sign with Restless-Enigma records in 1990 to make the over budget, Andy Shernoff (Dictators) produced, aptly named “Ishtar” LP. Two weeks after the album was released Restless Records went bankrupt and shut down.

There have been many posthumous releases over the years documenting the bands ten year existence. They would also record a new track for 1999’s Short Music For Short People compilation on Fat Wreck Chords alongside some of the biggest names in punk including Green Day, Rancid, The Damned, NOFX, The Misfits, Offspring and Black Flag. Their first 2 LP’s were reissued through CHUNKSAAH RECORDS and RELAPSE RECORDS. Many important bands would site Adrenalin O.D. as a major influence including NOFX, Anthrax, Bouncing Souls, Screeching Weasel, S.O.D., Rocket from the Crypt, Death, Metallica and Dark Throne.

Adrenalin O.D. have done several sold out reunion shows post breakup including a return to CBGB’s in 2005 for the “Save CBGB’s Benefit” where they played with Dead Boys, Flipper and Peter and The Test Tube Babies.

In 2013 Adrenalin O.D. would get major international press, after their song “Paul’s Not Home” would be covered by ex Butthole Surfers singer GIBBY HAYNES and Grammy Winner JACK WHITE for their Third Man Records collaboration 45.

Skip ahead to the present time and Adrenalin O.D. has signed to Beer City. The entire back catalog will be restored , remastered and be reissued as Millennium Editions.

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