Loud Ones

Dighton, MA

RIYL: JFA, U.S. Bombs, Gang Green, Adolescents, Poison Idea, OFF! & Slapshot

Loud Ones formed in 1983 on the flat bottom of Freddie‘s vert ramp in Dighton, MA. Skate rats playing skate rock. Played lots of parties, shows and recorded a demo tape that was bootlegged to death and ended up in boom boxes on the decks of ramps all over the country. Our reputation proceeded us.

Pro models, bad habits & a bunch of years, the Loud Ones are back. Pure skate rock. Pad up, drop in…

Beer City Skateboards and Records is proud to announce the signing of legendary Sk8Rock band the Loud Ones. Hailing from Newport, RI the Loud Ones were originally formed in the early 80’s by legendary pro skater Fred Smith, Matt Murphy and Jeff Thompson. The band now consists of Fred Smith on bass, Metal Man on guitar, Boog on Vocals, Michael on lead guitar & DKnow on drums.

The band has just completed recording a brand new full length which is due to come out on CD sometime before the end of this year. The LP version will be release on Record Store Day (April 19th) of next year. The studio album will have some brand new songs and some old favorites. The CD will also contain bonus material from back in the early 80’s as well as liner notes, band history, photos and more.

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