Ring 13

Dekalb, IL

RIYL: Articles of Faith, The Effigies, Out of Order, The Subverts

Ring 13 never heard of the movie, Field Of Dreams in 1983 and that’s because no one did.
Ring 13 started in early 1983 and later we went to see the Circle Jerks and the Clitboys at Tuts in Chicago 4/10/83 which completely blew them away! Ring 13 saw the Ramones in DeKalb a few years earlier, 1980, which got them inspired enough to stay on the path of punk rock. So to basically paraphrase Field Of Dreams, if the Ramones play, kids will follow (a Replacements nod too).

So now Dan Boardman, Scotty Gelwicks and Bruce Halverson all sharing the same love of music said, let’s do this ourselves, let’s play rock ‘n’ roll aka punk rock. By 1984 they had enough songs of their own to go to Sunset Recordings in a Chicago suburb and see what they could come up with. Mainly they had unfinished ideas but they didn’t let that stop them, they wanted to take the next step and record something. What they came up with was kind of magical, 14 songs recorded, mixed and out the door in less than 4 hours with only doing one take and only one hi-hat overdub on Bargain Hunter. All 3 guys were teenagers and real life kind of got in their way so they basically they were over by 1985. Local heroes, Subverts stepped in to keep them going but it just kind of petered out. 33 years later, the 14 songs from 1984 and 5 newer tracks from 2013 found their way to Beer City Records. Now all 19 songs are on vinyl for the first time ever!
Nothing New, Nothing Learned, DeKalb punk rock!

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