BRONxxx – Poser Now Poser Forever LP Out Now!

After a successful split release with The Tubuloids for RSD 2015 Japan’s BRONxxx are now back and with their debut album Poser Now Poser Forever!

Poser Now Poser Forever brings you 25 ragging songs reminiscent of the good old days of early 80`s USHXC; The Skate Rock cassettes; girl`s new wave bands and the sounds of wheels and decks at the skate park. Not only do you get 25 kick ass songs, but the legendary Tim Kerr of The Big Boys gave this record his blessing by doing the cover art for this LP.

To top it all off the first 1000 copies are pressed on translucent red vinyl.

You can order from our online store or get it at your favorite record store. .

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