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Iron Cross camo hoodies

Our classic Iron Cross logo now on 3 different camo pattern and colors. You can buy them by clicking this link.

Happy Easter!

Happy ST. Patrick’s Day!

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy New Year!

We think this sums up 2020 pretty well. It wasnt all bad , but yeah … Here’s to a much better year in 2021!

Happy Holidays!

Happy Thanksgiving

From all the Turkeys at Beer City Happy Thanksgiving.

Happy Halloween!

Happy 4th of July!

2020 Record Store Day release! – Pleased Youth – The Doomsday Album – Millennium Edition LP!

Preorder here. Beer City brings you our first unofficial, unauthorized, unsanctioned limited-edition RSD release.A fully restored and remastered long lost, rarely heard, early 80’s NJ hardcore/punk gem reissue on vinyl for the very first time (featuring Dave Scott of Adrenalin O.D. on vocals) that is limited to 1,000 copies and contains four unreleased songs as […]