Preorder – Barkhard , the Offenders , MDC – new releases/reissues LP’s!

PREORDER here.- Comes out May 6th!

Were proud to announce May 6th we have four early 80’s Texas Hardcore reissues coming out that are going to blow you away.

Barkhard – “Shut Up and Skate – Millennium Edition” LP Barkhard – “Shut Up and Skate – Millennium Edition” LP – This is legendary pro skaters John ‘Tex’ Gibson and Todd Prince’s early 80’s hardcore band!

M.D.C. – “Multi Death Chicken Stains 12″ – Millennium Edition” LP – This contains the tracks from the first three M.D.C. 7″s , plus bonus tracks from the same recording sessions!

Offenders – “We Must Rebel – Millennium Edition” LP – This is the original mix!

Offenders – “Endless Struggle – Millennium Edition” LP – This is the original mixed sourced right from the reel tapes!

In true Beer City fashion these have all been restored and remastered as well as containing bonus’s like liner notes from the band . In the case of Barkhard and M.D.C. also some nice sized posters! For all the details you can even download this booklet that has all the info on each record.

You can pre order these right here. Not only can you pre order them , but were also offering a ‘Don’t Mess With Texas Hardcore’ grab bag were you can get all four of these releases and at a special low price. This offer expires May 6th at midnight central time.

These of coarse will also be available on itunes and similar digital platforms. As well as better record stores everywhere.

Record stores; its exclusively distributed throughout the world by Independent Label Distribution and its partners.

Don’t mess with Texas Hardcore!