MDC Euro Tour Update and Video!

MDC is over in Europe right now and they along with DRI are killing it. Singer Dave Dictor wrote a cool update that you can read on Facebook. Below is a video of MDC (courtesy of Scooter Buell) at Rebellion Fest ripping through some of their classics. Speaking of classics you can get all kinds […]

Ring 13 Performs at High School Reunion!

One of the many advantages to being in a hardcore band in the early 80’s is getting to preform again 35 years latter at your high school reunion. Just check out the video below to see Ring 13 doing just that. If you have not picked up the reissue of their ‘Nothing New Nothing Learned’ […]

Love Letters to Skateboarding – Hubbard

Whats there to say besides watch it. Thanks for making this guys.

Happy 4th of July!

In the Pit Decks Out Now!

Our brand new ‘In the Pit’ decks are now available in several sizes and two shapes. You can get them from our online store and better skate shops everywhere.

Hubbard’s Pro Model Update

From Hubbard’s family: “The Hubbard family wishes to donate their proceeds of the sales to the skaters of The Oglala Lakota Nation in the form of skateboards. Monk was made an honorary member of the tribe while building the Pine Ridge skatepark alongside the locals and tribe. This park will forever be one of Mark’s […]

Mark “Monk” Hubbard’s Pro Model Out Now!

Talk about weird timing but, Hubbard’s new model comes out today. It’s available from our online store and will be sold in better skate shops as well. Graphic concept – Mark Hubbard, art – Chris Adams, production – Tim Chiappetta. RIP Hubs; you made the world a better place.

Happy Easter

Fastplants Live on the Air!

That time the Fastplants played live on WZRD Chicago!

Beer City Records Release Guide!

The Beer City Records release guide is now out. You can download it by clicking here. It contains all our releases that are currently in print. Each release has its own page with all kinds of info including a description. The last pages contains a checklist of all the release on one easy to follow […]