Beer City ‘2017 Record Store Day / April ‘ Release Guide!

Beer City has two awesome releases coming out this April. D.R.I.Live at the Ritz 1987 LP and CD (coming out April 14th) and M.D.C.Magnus Dominus Corpus LP (coming out RSD 2017; April 22nd)!

We put together this guide that you can download by clicking here. In this guide is all the info on each release. Including vinyl color; amount of each release pressed and a checklist of all the release on one easy to follow grid.

You can get the D.R.I. release at any record store or from our online store. The limited edition red vinyl is only available on our online store.

To get the M.D.C. release you have to go to your local record store on April 22nd.

If your a store looking for any of these releases you can get them from Independent Label Distribution or any other authorized distributor!

Download the Beer City RSD 2017 guide by clicking here.