Beer City – Surfin Turf decks and tee shirts!

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We made some very limited edition hand screened sunburst 10” pigs. Only 50 made total! Plus we are also are fully restocked on both the Surfin Turf Tee and the Jimbo Phillips Save the Turf tee’s. Sizes S-3XL!

All profits from sales of this merchandise will go to help build the park. Unfamiliar with the park? See below.

Check out this video of the decks being screen printed.

Surfin Turf was a local indoor skatepark in Greenfield, WI (Milwaukee county) that was originally built in the late 70’s. Closed in 83 and then reopened in the winter of 87 as The Turf. It stayed open till the late 90’s. Then was sold and latter bulldozed in 2010. The bowls were stil there thought and now the city of Greenfield in conjection with ‘Save the Turf’ has hired Grindline to come and restore the original bowls plus build some new ones out side. The goal is to have the park skatable again by fall of 2023 or earlier.

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Fully authorized by the ‘City of Greenfield’ and the ‘Save The Turf – Turf Skatepark Association’. Were stoked to be part of the committee to bring back The Turf and to volunteer our services to raise money. All profits from sales of this deck will go to help build the park.