Pre order – Banda Destruida – “s/t” LP

PREORDER here. Comes out October 7th 2022!

“Really great new release la Banda Destruida! BRAVO!” – Mike Watt

“A classic ’90s post-hardcore sound with an alternative rock and a mathy feeling that’s not afraid to include everything they like, from Latin rhythms to even some synth sounds here and there.” –

Beer City would like to welcome BANDA DESTRUIDA to our roaster. Coming all the way from Santiago, Chile. BANDA DESTRUIDA brings a whole lot to the table. They have an ingenious distinct heavy mix of hardcore/punk,alternative/math rock and even mix in some native Latin rhythms to sound very very unique. Yet their songs are quit powerful and urgent and make you want more. It’s a blend like no others are doing , but its pulled off amazingly well and sung in their native Spanish.
Also this record is bilingual. It features lyrics, credits and song titles in both English and Spanish. For more details you can download this one sheet.

You can pre order the album right here. Not only can you pre order it , but were also offering it at a special low price. This offer expires October 7th at midnight central time.

This of coarse will also be available on itunes and similar digital platforms. As well as better record stores everywhere.

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